I read this post at Krystal’s Kitsch and relived my Ryan Stiles celebrity sighting and thought I’d share some of the famous people I’ve seen out and about.
Ryan Stiles (Who’s Line Is It Anyway?) This is my most embarrassing story. When I was in college, living in Bellingham, WA, my sister and I were at the grocery store down the street from the school. She saw him in the produce aisle, but was too embarrassed to say anything to him. When she came and told me, we saw that he was leaving the store, so we just decided to follow him. We ended up driving about 15 minutes south of town all the way to his house on Lake Samish. Hey stalkers!!! I ended up seeing him a few more times after that too. He’s very involved in the community, a friend of mine worked with his kids at summer camp, and he opened the Upfront Theater (focused on improv) two years after I graduated. He’s a good guy.
Patrick Monahan (Lead singer of the band Train) My sister, BFF and I saw him at Sea-Tac airport on our way to Disneyland a few years ago. My BFF noticed him first as we walked past him, but was like, “You know, that singer, from that band? Umm…?” So we turned around to get a better look and my sister knew right away who he was. He’s super small, like 5’5 and super skinny.
Janice Dickinson (Supermodel, America’s Next Top Model) I walked passed her at LAX with my mom. My mom had no idea who she was. She was super skinny too, which I already knew, but was a little shocked by it how she looked in person. I guess the camera really does add ten pounds. She was wearing a leather jacket and huge sunglasses, looking like the diva that she is.
Dan Ackroyd (SNL, Ghostbusters) The last time Jacob and I were in LA, we were walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame mid-morning on a weekday. While I was busy reading the names on the sidewalk, Jacob noticed him and what we assumed to be his tween daughter walking towards us. He was very involved in his conversation, pointing out different stars to her. So sweet.
Alan Rickman (Harry Potter, Love Actually) My mom was the one who spotted him while we were walking through Central Park in NYC over Thanksgiving. He walked passed us and she said very quietly, “That was the guy from Harry Potter.” We got so excited asking, “Who? Harry? Ron? Draco? Dumbledore? Snape?” So we circled around him and saw that it was in fact Snape.
Tony Kanal (Bassist for No Doubt) When Gwen Stefani was out on her solo tour, my sister, BFF and I saw Tony and his girlfriend/baby mama at her concert. They walked right behind us and sat about ten people away in the sound box watching Gwen perform a few songs.
Kourtney Kardashian (Keeping Up With The Kardashians) When Jacob and I were at California Adventure in February, Kourtney came off Toy Story Mania at the same time as us. She was with a few friends and their kids, carrying Mason, and being escorted to their strollers by a Disney guide.
I bet you’re wondering if I talked to any of them. Nope, I didn’t. I’ve never had the balls to walk up to a celebrity in public. I’ve met a lot of people, usually sports stars or bands at meet and greets or after a concert, but I don’t feel comfortable bothering them when they are just trying to be regular people. So tell me what celebrities you’ve spotted! Have you ever talked to them?

School Portraits

I love looking at old school portraits. Everyone was in such an awkward phase and it’s amazing to see how they transformed to adulthood. Take a look at these celebrity shots.

Snoop Dogg, Avril Lavigne, Dolly Parton

Robin Williams, Bruce Willis, George Clooney

Bruce Springsteen, David Hasselhoff, Megan Fox

Fergie, Michael Cera, Ellen Degeneres

Uma Thurman, Ross Geller David Schwimmer, Tina Fey

Russell Brand, Gwen Stefani, Kurt Cobain

Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, Matt LeBlanc

Alice Cooper, Lady Gaga, Amy Poehler

Elvis Presley, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez

Jeremy Piven, Vince Vaughn, Hugh Grant

Kristen Stewart, Ryan Seacrest, Prince

Ron Jeremy, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kate Gosselin

Ke$ha, Barack Obama, Renee Zellweger

Katy Perry, Eminem, Britney Spears
Some people look exactly the same (Fergie, Michael Cera, Megan Fox, Gwen Stefani, Amy Poehler, Kristen Stewart, Britney Spears). Some people are totally unrecognizable (Kurt Cobain, Alice Cooper, Ryan Seacrest, Prince, Kate Gosselin). My favorites are George Clooney, Russell Brand, David Schwimmer, Jeremy Piven and Hugh Grant. And wow! David Hasselhoff was kind of a hunk!
Are you ready for mine? Just remember I went to junior high and high school in the ’90s!
4th, 6th, 7th

8th, 10th, 11th

You gotta look back and laugh!

Dreaming of a White Vacation

My husband is all about snowboarding. He just got back from a four day trip to Mt Hood in Oregon with nine other guys. They rented a house with one queen bed, some futons and eight bunk beds. Are you kidding me? Grown men in bunk beds? That’s not my idea of a vacation. He said they were just home at night to sleep, so it didn’t matter.
I’ve been snowboarding twice. When Jacob and I first got together I thought I’d better give it a try. I got cute new clothes and gear and we drove up to Mt Baker at 6:00 am. Jacob strapped me up and basically said, “Go.” He’s an awful teacher. Things come to him very easily and he’s always astonished when other people aren’t getting it. Not only was I slipping and sliding down a mountain with no direction, it also started raining. By 11:00 am I called it quits.
A few years later I tried again at Snoqualmie. I expressed my concerns with his teaching technique and he decided that I should go with another newbie and we could learn together, so my brother. He had never snowboarded or skied in his life, but being a sports star growing up, he caught on within 20 minutes. I hung out next to the kid’s class and tried to listen to the instructor without looking totally obvious. Around noon, my brother and I went up the lift and I fell getting off of it. Of course. We made it half way down the smallest run when I totally wiped out, somersault style, hurting my knee. I took off my board and walked it down the mountain.
I’ll never snowboard again. Jacob is just fine with that.
But I’m all for teaching my kids how to do it! We’ll just start them young, enroll them in lessons and they’ll be speeding down the slopes with their dad in no time. I can’t wait to go on these snowboard trips where the boys hit the mountain in the wee morning hours while I sleep in, read a book, watch a movie, sit by the fire in my pjs and have hot cocoa and a home cooked meal ready for them when they get back. Jacob and I have been to Lake Tahoe and Whistler, BC. Here are the other places we really want to visit.
Park City
I love the snow, but I don’t like being in it. I’ll take a walk, make a snowman or start a snowball fight, but after 30 minutes, I’m out. The great things about these hot spots are the cozy cabins and fancy hotels plus the adorable towns with great food and shopping!

Fashion of the 90’s

I’m taking a trip down memory lane and featuring some of the best styles from the ‘90s.
Jean overalls
I never owned a pair, but really wanted them.
Most of my friends wore one side unhooked.
Salt water sandals
I had a pair of tans ones and didn’t take them off for an entire summer.
They start to smell after a while.
Baby tees
I didn’t actually have this one, but doesn’t it just define the ‘90s?
I had a few pairs of vans throughout high school.
Looney Tunes tees
I did have one of these in middle school. How embarrassing.
Jelly shoes
These were my 8th grade spring/summer footwear.
I had about ten pairs.
Boxers as shorts
We’d stock up on colorful prints at The Gap,
sew up the fly and wear them with a sweatshirt.
I always had to have white. They were dirty within the first week and therefore, ruined.
My mom hated buying these for me.
Men’s surf tees
I shopped at Above the Belt (now known as Zumiez) for Stüssy, Billabong and Quicksilver tees.
They were guy shirts and way too big, but looked great with my baggy Levi’s.
Women’s surf tees
Then I realized I am a girl and started buying Roxy and Hurley women’s shirts in my actual size.
Adidas wind pants
This was a late ‘90s thing around these parts.
I wore these pants to early morning classes in college. Awful!
Dr. Martens
I loved my Docs. These are probably my favorite ’90s fashion trend
because they are just so awful and so expensive but we all HAD TO HAVE THEM.
 I had these exact pairs of shoes and sandals.
Flare jeans
As the super baggy jeans fad was winding down, flare jeans took off.
No matter how many times I explained that they weren’t the same,
 my mom called them “bell bottoms” and couldn’t believe I wanted to wear them.
Platform shoes
I didn’t own a pair because I’m six feet tall and my boyfriend was about an inch shorter than me.
But my sister did and sometimes let me borrow them.
She had a pale pink pair and white sneakers similar to these:
We wore Gap sweater vests over a white t-shirt
and Old Navy Performance Fleece vests over a long sleeved colored t-shirt.
Floral print rayon dresses
I always paired mine with white tube socks and my Docs. Gorgeous.
Penny loafers
My best friend and I put dimes in them. To be classier.
Gap T-Shirts
I think I had five of these in different colors. Sweatshirts too.
So what about you? Did you wear some of these styles? Did I miss something you loved to wear? Come on guys, let’s reminisce and be embarrassed together!


I even saw it this week on Sophia Bush. Very subtle, but still there. Cute!

I first noticed it last year on Shenae Grimes. She sported the look during the second half of the season on 90210.
I thought it was so weird that they were letting her roots grow out that long, but then I kinda liked it.
As long as it doesn’t look like this.
I don’t think I could ever pull it off. I’m afraid my hair would just look dirty or in desperate need of a dye job. All I know, is the dark to light look is working on most of these ladies and I’m so glad the reverse effect that Avril Lavigne made famous is loooong gone.

Stop Telephonin’ Me

When I was younger we had a phone just like this one.

Then we upgraded to one like this, with an answering machine. Awesome!

Finally, in 7th grade I got my own phone! I loved my clear phone with fluorescent wiring!

Then my mom came home with a cordless phone and we thought it was the coolest.
She was always mad though because I would leave it upstairs in my in my room with a dead battery.
In 10th grade I got my own cordless and I kept this purple beauty all through college!
In high school, I got a pager. I know, I know, but come on, you all had one too…right?
(What was my obsession with clear?)
When I was 18, I got my first cell phone for Christmas.
My mom worked for AAA and thought it was a great thing for me to have to stay safe.
Only one rule: I HAD to answer if she called. It was this exact one:
In college I upgraded to the Nokia 5110. EVERYONE had this phone.
Mine was purple, you know, to be unique.
Then, along with everyone else, I upgraded that to a Nokia 3310. I had navy blue.
I was so jealous when friends slowly started getting flip phones. I had to have one!
My Samsung SGH-X427 was SO COOL with it’s colored screen.
Then I needed phone that could play music and take pictures, duh. I got a Samsung Sync.
And now I’m on my latest cell, my iPhone. I’ve had it for almost two years.
How did I live without it all this time? It’s never more than three feet away from me.
I plan on upgrading to iPhone 4 as soon as my contract is up.
I have to say, sometimes I kind of miss the flip phone.
There was nothing more gratifying than flipping it closed when you were irritated with the person on the other end.
Take a look at some of these other phones throughout time. Did you have any of them?