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I’ve always wanted to work with a business coach, but just couldn’t seem to find the right person until I met Bob. He is incredibly knowledgeable, genuine and focused on how I can live my best life while excelling in my career. He’s taught me so much in a short amount of time and continues to keep me on track with professional and personal goals while enjoying the journey. As Executive Vice President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, I highly recommend Bob to any business out there looking to get organized, increase sales and strategize for the future, all while enjoying life!

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Business Coaches In United States

Business coaches are often hired by business owners who want to grow, increase profitability, improve the performance of their employees, or resolve issues such as high worker turnover, low morale, employee burnout, or poor communication. Business coaching can help businesses of all sizes come up with solutions, strategies, and action plans for attaining their goals.

Company Benefits – Companies can benefit from business coaching by achieving a better corporate culture, more open and productive communication, higher levels of productivity, increased profit, and business expansion.

Individual Benefits – Individual business owners, leaders, and employees can benefit from Business Coaching by improving interpersonal and relationship skills, increasing self-confidence, learning time management strategies, and enjoying a healthier work-life balance.

Business Coaching

It’s the Cinderella story many small business owners dream of: A high-functioning, smoothly-run store or service where sales are strong, employees are great, the budget is green and your talents and vision have come to life. All that time, money, sweat and labor you’ve invested has paid off. You’ve bibbidi-bobbidi-booped your way to business success, and you couldn’t wish for a better life on any star.

In a world where half of small businesses close shop in less than five years, the notion of a business “fairy godmother” to help solve your most pressing problems and steer your way to success is more attractive than ever. It’s also something that’s attainable — and not in a fantasy, either, but through the real, grounded expertise and services of personal business coaching and mentoring.

First Things First: What Is a Business Coach?

If this sounds too simplistic, think again. The myriad of roles you play as the owner of a small business means you have to do everything, from sales, marketing, promotions, technology and human resources to talent acquisition, finance, project management, strategic planning and more. In other ventures, these responsibilities are usually sprinkled across different departments. Small business owners don’t have that luxury.

That’s exactly where personal business coaching comes in. A small business coach devises systems and strategies to help you set and meet your diverse goals, offering mentorship to reframe how you think about your business and the tools to achieve measurable success.

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Who Uses Business Coaches?

The list of reasons business owners turn to a coach is hardly one-noted. What’s more, you’re not alone in your need or curiosity for one. Business coaching programs address the following problems and pain points small business owners experience by offering guidance and actionable solutions:

  • Cash-Flow Problems: Tied-up finances are the bane of many young businesses. When you think you’re already stretching the budget, business consultants can show you ways to trim bottom your line and streamline costs.
  • Crisis Management or Business Transition:Unforeseen events or significant business disruptions can rock a company to its core. With one-on-one or group business coaching, you have the resources to adapt quickly.
  • Talent Management: Hiring, managing and retaining top-tier employees is a specialized skill many business mentors readily teach.
  • Sales and Revenue Growth: As the backbone of your small business, coaches work tirelessly to package individual strategies to boost your brand awareness, reach, customer conversions and end-of-day profits.
  • Process Improvements: Creating operations and systems that work for your small business is key to its smooth sailing — and your sanity.
  • Personal Accountability: More often than not, small business owners can just get overwhelmed. We all need someone to listen to us and provide advice. Business coaching services provide the scaffolding, direction and accountability to turn yesterday’s habits into tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • Those Looking to Strengthen General Business Acumen: There is so much to learn when you run your own business. Those looking to sharpen their skills, develop new practices or get up-to-date with the most current business methods turn to business consultants to do so.

Providing Business Coaching Services to Our Business Owner Clients

Then he began to provide the framework through coaching for small businesses. Since then over a thousand of Alan’s business coaching clients have dramatically increased their revenue and profits after learning the process.

With the Small BusinessCoach Process, you will: 1. Experience and learn a powerful planning process for you and your business. After your plan is developed, your employees (if you have employees) will also participate in the planning process. 2. You will coach with Alan and their team of business coaches and mentors for entrepreneurs weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to deploy every aspect of your plan and 3. Learn the BusinessCoach Services that will advance your business towards business freedom.

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Business Owner Clients That We Work With

We have the best job in the world! We work with an amazing group of small business owners. Over the last 18 years we have provided small business coaching services to virtually every industry. During 2020 every business owner coaching client has grown stronger in the face of the pandemic. One client was featured in Forbes and another client was named to the Inc 5000 list among the fastest growing companies in the US. We are proud of our clients’ growth. Take a look at our business owner client “Wall of Fame” on this page. Their results are truly amazing!

Perhaps you found us through a search of “business coach near me” or “small business coaching near me.” Alan lives in the Western Carolina area. We have small business coaches and mentors located in various parts of the United States. We visit with our clients face to face from time to time and for the most part we meet weekly with our clients via Zoom screen share sessions. This allows us to have our coaching modules at our fingertips which include visuals and templates. This process helps us to get faster results for our small business owner coaching clients.

We provide business coaching services to small business owners of all types from service to retail to manufacturers to distributors to e-commerce companies. That includes a wide range of startups to businesses with revenues of $100million.