How to Create an eBook for Free (Easy Guide Infographic) in 2022

During the course of your work, you can even consult with these subscribers to understand any questions they may have on the topic, making your Ebook even more relevant and helpful.

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How to Write an eBook in 2022: Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

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1. Expert Positioning: People don’t buy from strangers, especially online. You need to position yourself as an expert in your niche. That’s when your sales grow. eBooks are great for positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

2. Offering Help: You’ll be able to help hundreds (if not thousands) of people with your eBooks. If you’ve knowledge on particular topics, you should teach others what you know. eBooks can be useful for helping your target audience.

3. Income generator: eBooks can be used as a passive income source. There are a ton of people who are making thousands of dollars each month by selling eBooks. So if you’re someone who is looking to earn passive income, you should definitely create and sell eBooks.

4. Building an Audience: Want to build a loyal audience around your blog? Create useful eBooks. Not only you will be able to offer eBooks as freebies to build and grow your email lists but you can also offer them as giveaways to quickly grow your blog following.

Yes, there is an endless number of opportunities available when you create useful eBooks. Just make sure to create eBooks that actually add value to your target audience.

What is an eBook?

How to Create an eBook

An eBook is a short form for an electronic book. It is a book that is published or released online in a digital form. It contains things similar to that of a non-digital publication. It surrounds upon text and images. These books are available on electronic devices. Different platforms such as Kindle are an eBook ground where you can find books that have a printed equivalent or not. The most common devices that people use to read are desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Free Ebook Templates

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What can an ebook be about?

Anything. Well, within reason. Ebooks are simply a marketer’s way of delivering lots of critical information in a form their potential customers are most willing to read. An environmental company might write an ebook about water conservation. They might also focus an ebook entirely on how their water-saving product is used, or how it helped a customer solve a problem. Discover more ebook ideas at the end of this article.

No matter what topic your ebook takes on, research is a significant part of ebook creation. Contrary to short-form content like articles and videos, the content of an ebook is predicated on trust and evidence. A user who obtains (or requests access to) your ebook wants the full story, not just the bullet points. That includes all the content and testing you went through to produce the ebook.

Can you edit an ebook?

Nope. An ebook can’t be edited once it’s been saved in one of the major file formats, so it’s best to ensure you have an editable version saved in a program like Microsoft Word.

But why would you want your ebook to be uneditable? Making ebooks uneditable ensures the content remains unchanged — both the format and the information — as it’s shared between multiple uses.

You can edit ebooks if they’re saved using an editable PDF, a feature that is specific to Adobe Acrobat — the founding program of the PDF file type. Learn how to edit PDFs in this blog post.

How do you read an ebook?

You can read an ebook on many different devices: iPhone, Android smartphones, a Macbook, PC, and e-readers such as the Nook and Kindle. The latter two devices are typically used to read novels in digital form. Nook and Kindle owners can store thousands of books (literally) on a single Nook or Kindle.

But making an ebook can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to write the content, but you also need to design and format it into a professional-looking document that people will want to download and read. With lead generation being the top goal for content marketing, however, ebooks are an essential part of a successful inbound marketing program.

Settle on Your Ebook Structure

Some Ebook sections will only be relevant to particular types of Ebooks. For example, you will probably want to include a section with tables and figures if you’re writing a research paper, or a CTA if one of your strategic reasons is to take a reader to your product page.

You should also consider the specific audience you’re targeting and how they will engage with your content. Targeting potential customers will require a different approach to engagement than if you’re targeting academics.

In this chapter, we’ll go over the different sections of an Ebook and provide actionable examples that can apply to specific content types designed for specific readers.

Attract Readers With a Captivating Title

Tip 1: Start with a working title.

Tip 2: Make your Ebook title specific.

ebook title tips

Tip 3: Use numbers to add credibility.

Another example of numbers being useful is in a case study; for example, a company increased its traffic by X percent (you should state this in your title).

If you are writing a white paper with statistics, then you can say X [Industry] Statistics On [Topic]. Or maybe you’d prefer to choose the most popular questions that people ask and write X Common Questions About [Topic] Answered.

Tip 4: Make your keywords stand out visually.

keywords in ebook title

Tip 5: Make it resonate.

Consider mentioning your buyer persona in the title to establish a personal connection with your reader. Let them know that you wrote this book especially for the “investor,” “businesswoman,” or “financier.”

Tip 6: Show what problem readers can solve with your Ebook.

ebook title tips use of imperative

Every creator has an ebook in them

If you’ve spent any time writing, working, or coaching in a niche, you likely have an ebook idea ready to come to life. There are so many inspiring stories of creators making a living online, and it’s possible for you too. Everyone has a unique perspective, which means you can create a distinctive ebook even if it’s a topic that’s been covered a thousand times before.

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