The Songs That Made My Life

Music has always been a big part of my life. Whenever I was happy, I would listen to songs that I could relate to in that particular moment. When I was sad, I would listen to those whose lyrics could express what I felt. Music is magical, and I always knew that there was never a wrong time for it.

Here is some of the music that has marked my life:

  1. The Runaways – School Days

During high school, I was always considered a troublemaker by my teachers, as I would always cause menace in-between classes. I also tried my best to lie to my parents that I had no homework, and I would love to skip classes. I felt like I already had the whole world in my hands, and adults just couldn’t understand me.

Moreover, I was a big dreamer, and I wished I could have my own band one day. I related to this song a lot back in the day – and all I wished for was to be understood.

  1. Bon Jovi – Always

In my early 20s, I met my first love. It started beautifully – we were young, in love and with big dreams for the future.

However, it all started to change when she met someone else. I was heartbroken and thought the world was falling apart. This song was there for me while I was alone, thinking about her.

  1. Newcleus – Jam On It

I still remember the day my friends asked me if I wanted to go on a road trip. It was really strange, because we’ve met the same day, and they haven’t mentioned anything. The idea just popped up in their heads close to midnight – and what a time for great ideas.

The next day, we all got in the car and went on that road trip together. The song that we would sing along to a lot in the car was “Jam on It”. It was so fun that our trip wouldn’t have been complete without it.

  1. Abba – Money, Money, Money

When my father lost his job, life got so much harder. My parents were in debt, we barely had anything to eat – and I was also desperate. I would listen to Abba’s song because it was very relatable; I felt we lived in a world that is controlled by money.

  1. Queen – We Are the Champions

Getting my first job was really hard. Not only am I a really pretentious person, but my parents’ meddling made me so angry that I barely wanted to work anymore. I’m a stubborn person, and the fact that they were putting pressure on me wasn’t helping.

I finally got my first job. It wasn’t something so special, as I was working in a shop. However, the journey to that job was so hard, that I felt like a real champion once I got it. Queen had the perfect song to go along with it.

  1. Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

One weekend, I was inspired enough to follow a friend’s advice and go to a huge party at someone’s house. Although I didn’t know everyone gathered there, the party was really fun – until the end of the evening.

I got really drunk and, once the party was over, I offered to drive – mainly because my friend was even drunker than I was. However, what happened next made me wish we took a taxi instead. The police stopped us, and we ended up being arrested.

What’s worse was the fact that our parents kept telling us about what other people will say. I never cared what other people had to say about me, and Joan Jett’s song was relatable.

  1. Hollywood Undead – Everywhere I Go

Did you think things got better soon after getting arrested? They actually got worse. I was always partying, getting drunk and hanging out with different girls. I felt like I was at the top of the world, and I had an arrogant attitude to go with it. “Everywhere I Go” was my theme song during that period.

  1. Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Falling in love with my wife was a beautiful journey. We met through a mutual friend, and we were instantly attracted to one another. Bryan Adams had a song that I was listening to on repeat back then because I was so in love. It ended up beautifully – we are now married and have a wonderful family.

  1. Boyzone – Father and Son

When you’re having your first child, it’s a special moment – and you can get very emotional. I was having a son, and once I found out the big news, I developed an obsession for Boyzone’s song. I knew it was going to be a big journey, and the song prepared me.

  1. Jon Barker – Thank You for Being My Dad

A while after my son was born, my father started to get sick. We took countless rides to the hospital – just to make sure nothing bad happened. However, his heart stopped one week after staying in the hospital, and I was devastated. We had our ups and downs, but I loved my dad. Jon Barker had the perfect song to help me cope with it.

To conclude, we all have songs that marked our lives. Listening to them will always bring back a lot of memories.