Student Writing Procrastination

There are many reasons why students procrastinate as well as there is no student who hasn’t procrastinated at least once in his life. What are the reasons behind it? Some students put things off because they lack the motivation to finalize the writing. There are others who simply have too many assignments to finalize that they find it difficult to finalize their essays on time. Is there any hope behind this bad habit? Everyone can get over procrastination as long as he understands why it happens and how to stay organized. Keep reading this article and find more about student writing procrastination.

Why do students procrastinate?

Before applying the solution to this problem, it is very important to understand why students procrastinate. Instead of thinking “what if I would pay someone to write my paper”, you should rather think “why do I have the tendency to put things off”. Below you can find some examples of reasons which might take you to this situation:

  • Fear of failure – one of the most common reasons which make students delay writing a specific essay is the fear of not being able to meet their professors’ expectations. It happens many times that professors set very high targets for their students that make them rather procrastinate writing instead of trying to write something.
  • We expect to be perfect – procrastination is very closely connected to perfectionism. There are many students who expect a lot from themselves, which makes them delay writing essays as much as possible. For them, it is better to not deliver the essay instead of submitting which is not close to their idea of perfectionism.
  • We don’t like what we wrote – there is a category of students who simply don’t like to re-read what they have written, being sure that they lack the necessary talent for writing. You are usually very skeptic about the first draft which turns into a real burden when you have to proofread it. Thus, the easiest method is procrastination.
  • It is easier to leave it to someone else – instead of spending time researching and writer an essay, many students prefer to procrastinate and pay someone else to do it for them. There are many professional writing services available online. Thus, students have a high-quality alternative at a one-click distance.

What to do about student writing procrastination?

There are many strategies that students can use to prevent procrastination. Take a look at the list below and apply them in your case:

  • Keep an inventory on your procrastination behavior – when you want to stop a bad habit, it is very important to understand when and why it appears. For example, whenever you feel tempted to procrastinate, you should write down what are the circumstances when this feeling appeared. You can keep an inventory of all this data and review it to find solutions.
  • Create a productive working environment – you should stay away from distractions. For example, even though you feel perfectly relaxed in your bedroom, you should start writing there. You will be easily tempted to take a nap or do other relaxing activities which will block your creativity and motivation.
  • Work on improving your writing when you are not under pressure – pressure can be a very strong factor which leads to procrastination. What is more, if you don’t have a good impression on your writing and talent, then you will be more exposed to procrastination. Thus, you should exercise as much as you can when you don’t have a deadline.

Leaving procrastination behind is a long-term process. While there can be solutions, you need to carefully evaluate the factors and think of solutions for them.