Effects of Children from a Broken Marriage

According to the National Center for Health Statistics (2013a) in the United States people who get married have a 50-50 chance of maintaining their relationship. More often, marriages end up breaking down due to either one reason or the other. In the contemporary world, divorce seems to be the norm, and inadvertently it leads to numerous psychological and social issues for both children and the parents who have to contend with the ramifications of broken down marriages. Children are often forced to suffer the brunt of living with consequences of a disagreement between their parents, yet they were not a party to it. The effects of children from broken marriages are usually far-reaching, and this paper will attempt to outline them in the next paragraphs.

Trust in Relationships

Parents need to be cognizant of the fact that broken marriages tend to inhibit the level of trust among their children. This sense of distrust eventually gets manifested when the children grow up and get into their romantic relationships (Jacquet and Surra 627). The fact that children from broken marriages had to witness their parents’ separation or divorce tends to cloud their minds with a shade of insecurity. Dating for them becomes an uphill task when they become adults, and they always want to approach relationships cautiously for fear of rejection or infidelity (Jacquet and Surra 627).

Acceptance of Divorce and Separation

Children from broken down marriages are more likely to embrace divorce or separation as a normal phase in one’s life when compared to children whose parents have always been together in their marriage (Sieben and Verbakel 1175). Once they grow up, children from either divorced or separated parents tend to have a perception that marriage is an unstable and very unpredictable union (Risch, Jodl & Eccles 55). Marriage for them is never a lifelong commitment, and they often believe that one way or the other it is more likely to end (Risch, Jodl & Eccles 55). Due to their acceptance of divorce and separation, children from broken down marriages end up in informal unions such as cohabitation where they invest very minimal emotions to avoid getting disappointed (Sieben and Verbakel 1182). Moreover, they are more likely to either divorce or separate from their spouses once they become adults (Jacquet and Surra 636).

Impact on a Child’s Social and Emotional Development

Divorce and separations are sometimes very ugly and marred with a lot of drama and controversies. Exposure to this sought of environment affects a child both emotionally and mentally. According to (Perry) these horrendous divorces or separation leads to a heightened degree of psychological stress and consequently and this affects a child’s cognitive and neurological development. These problems, later on, culminate in behavioral and personality issues such as the tendency of becoming introverts which stems from the fear of being left alone after heavily investing in relationships. Furthermore, children from broken marriages end up having some rebellious attitudes which leads them to juvenile delinquency or makes them resort to alcohol or drug abuse.

It should be noted that divorce and separation of families are likely to affect the girl child differently from the boy child. Ladies who have been raised in a broken marriage have a strong desire for affection yet at the same time empty and anxious (Whitton et al. 791). They end up being indecisive about marriage since they are not sure whether their marriages are going to last (Whitton et al. 791). On the other hand, men from divorced families tend to be less intimate than women from similar backgrounds, more so when they have to live without their fathers. Such men also have a tendency of resonating with femininity as opposed to masculinity. Men from broken marriages in most cases will try to conceal their feelings for the women they like (Webster, Orbuch & House 404). However, once they get into relationships, they have a tendency of becoming more violent when compared to their counterparts who were raised by parents of an intact marriage. This is not everything you can get on this topic, if you want to know more about statistics, you can read those social psychology essays.


Broken marriages have tremendous consequences on children. Unfortunately, these ramifications tend to be manifested as soon as the children start growing up and continue to their adult lives. It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents to be cognizant of these effects and be wary of their children’s feelings before divorcing or separating with their spouses. The impact of broken marriages on a child’s social, emotional and psychological are grave, and it might be best for parents to put the child’s life into perspective in order to make informed decisions. As highlighted above, some of the social problems that the world is combating with such as juvenile delinquency and drug abuse can be traced back to broken marriages. Therefore, in order to curb some of these social ills, it is necessary to reduce the numerous divorce and separation cases that have been witnessed in contemporary society.

How to Become an Excellent Translator


Going to college is one of the best things you can do in life. Recall, it is while you are in college that you perfect your writing and listening skills. More so, you learn about transcription and translation.

Unfortunately, most students fail to hone their translation skills because of a lack of commitment. Weak guidance by teachers is also a contributing factor. Nonetheless, learn how to translate pieces like a pro. Luckily, the following tips will guide you.

  • Train When You Can

Translation skills are acquired. Therefore, find training relevant to your cause. Luckily, many companies offer specialized courses to students interested in honing their articulation skills online.

  • Become Objective

Do you have an end goal in mind? Objectivity yields specialization. You should, therefore, choose a specific industry and learn terms relevant to the same.

Above all, fill your mind with enough useful content.

  • Practice

Are you aware that enough practice makes perfect? Translators who apply the skills learned in class succeed more than those that bag their knowledge within. Moreover, it is meaningful that you find someone knowledgeable about your language of choice. Recall, such an individual will help you articulate matters accurately.

  • Perfect Your Computer Skills

Translation services require extensive technological intervention. Therefore, perfect your computer skills as a college trainee. Recall, doing so makes you quicker and thus efficient.

  • Study Extensively

Knowledge is useful in every aspect of life. Nonetheless, you must feed your brain with translation relevant material. Fortunately, there are vast resources you can use to your advantage.

For example, you can select online translation services you love, gather the resources you need, and hone your skills based on the training provided. Even better, you can work with people proficient with a specific language to master your craft. In short, you need to hunger and thirst for new ideas.

  • Work For Experience

University learners work all the time. They do so to secure finances for tuition, food, and accommodation. Since you are not an exception, you must work too.

After all, some spare pocket change will do you more good than harm. Even better, you will garner enough experience in as far as translation goes. In short, you need to practice for you to become perfect.

  • Never Stop Learning

Learning is not a phase of life. It is a cycle. Remember, the human mind is always active, trying to make sense of everything.

Nonetheless, quench the thirst for understanding. However, you can only gain satisfaction by reading widely. More so, it would be best if you interacted with people that will get you closer to your dream.

  • Join The Act

It would be best if you interacted with people from diverse backgrounds as a translator. Moreover, you need to understand the cultural practices that define different communities. The above two aspects, however, are only achievable when you live within a community and learn about the twists and turns that define them as a people.

  • Build Interest

Learning is a complicated process. In actuality, most college learners avoid translation-based topics because of the complexities involved. Anyhow, that is easy to correct.

You only need to master the right attitude. Next, you need to find your passion. Finally, it would be best if you pursued the language you are passionate about to beat the odds.


Are you fascinated by languages? Do you want to master a specific tongue fast? Then it would be best if you used the hacks outlined earlier. They will help you develop an interest in the right subject. You can then learn everything that pertains to that particular language. In short, do your best to beat the rest.

Noise Hazard in Dulles Airport

Noise Hazard at Dulles airport

Noise has been a major health hazard which has been affecting the airports for some years. Washington Dell international airport which is located in Dulles, Virginia has not been spared by the risk (Kurzius, 2017). The noise pollution is growing too complex health issues for which a solution no major solution has been found. You have not got the real matter in them until you get the real issue as you visit the airport when a plane is landing or flying. Is this noise really health to human ears? Considering the fact the airports are also accessed by children the matter has to be solved soonest possible.

Although the airport has been having a tip of the noise pollution which is a common problem to all airports different complaints have been filled. In 2016, the local airports in Dulles and the nationals received more than four times complaints which were the same number in 2015 (Kurzius, 2017). 762 households filed their complaints to the airport’s authority in the year (Kurzius, 2017). Residents said that the increased complaints came from the response in the system to manage the traffic in the air, i.e., NextGen which was implemented in the recent past (Kurzius, 2017).

As an impact of the increased number of airport noise hazard, the airport authority has embarked on various control measures which included training for the residents. The residents in the households were trained on how to make their houses with specialized ceilings and walls which reduce noise impacts. The training which involved external engineers trained the airport engineers on the best materials to use to buildings in the airport to reduce the noise impact. From this also embarked on NextGen which is a precautionary measure I managing air traffic. From the time the training was conducted there was an increased rate of complaints had been recorded where the household complaints reduced from 89 in 2015 to 762 in 2016 (Kurzius, 2017).

The control measures were not effectively applied which is observed from the rate of noise hazard complaints records. Although NextGen strategy was affected the cases of complaints increased from 2015 to 2016 (Kurzius, 2017). The increase in the reported cases is a good proof that the effected measures did not reap fruits.

The Dulles airport made afore step which included the setting up an airport noise information office. The noise information office has been bestowed the work of receiving complaints from the customers and the residents on the noise risks (Dulles international, 2017). With the receiving of the complaints they are supposed to have a record of the complaints for which a solution is to be sought.  The act sets a proactive response to the noise pollution in administrative terms. However, the company has been failing on the response teams which have only been waiting for complaints to act from the same.

Workers in any organization should always be made safe, and the working environment should be safe. The residents of the airport are also of the view that the airport should take proactive, precautionary measure to control the menace. I would recommend that the airport be proactive in any action they take. The proactive actions include having specialized build buildings and proper management of flights and landing to avoid air traffic.

The government has been offering human resources to help advice and make the airport to the standards which are noise free. The airport authority with the help of the Federal Aviation Administration has improved with human resources to assist in improving the NextGen program. The human resource provided by the industry and government has been specialists in different grounds which includes engineers and other management professionals. Administration post-award tool is the best fit for measuring the level of improvement which has been made by the airport authority which could measure how far the noise hazard has been controlled or mitigated.

The Songs That Made My Life

Music has always been a big part of my life. Whenever I was happy, I would listen to songs that I could relate to in that particular moment. When I was sad, I would listen to those whose lyrics could express what I felt. Music is magical, and I always knew that there was never a wrong time for it.

Here is some of the music that has marked my life:

  1. The Runaways – School Days

During high school, I was always considered a troublemaker by my teachers, as I would always cause menace in-between classes. I also tried my best to lie to my parents that I had no homework, and I would love to skip classes. I felt like I already had the whole world in my hands, and adults just couldn’t understand me.

Moreover, I was a big dreamer, and I wished I could have my own band one day. I related to this song a lot back in the day – and all I wished for was to be understood.

  1. Bon Jovi – Always

In my early 20s, I met my first love. It started beautifully – we were young, in love and with big dreams for the future.

However, it all started to change when she met someone else. I was heartbroken and thought the world was falling apart. This song was there for me while I was alone, thinking about her.

  1. Newcleus – Jam On It

I still remember the day my friends asked me if I wanted to go on a road trip. It was really strange, because we’ve met the same day, and they haven’t mentioned anything. The idea just popped up in their heads close to midnight – and what a time for great ideas.

The next day, we all got in the car and went on that road trip together. The song that we would sing along to a lot in the car was “Jam on It”. It was so fun that our trip wouldn’t have been complete without it.

  1. Abba – Money, Money, Money

When my father lost his job, life got so much harder. My parents were in debt, we barely had anything to eat – and I was also desperate. I would listen to Abba’s song because it was very relatable; I felt we lived in a world that is controlled by money.

  1. Queen – We Are the Champions

Getting my first job was really hard. Not only am I a really pretentious person, but my parents’ meddling made me so angry that I barely wanted to work anymore. I’m a stubborn person, and the fact that they were putting pressure on me wasn’t helping.

I finally got my first job. It wasn’t something so special, as I was working in a shop. However, the journey to that job was so hard, that I felt like a real champion once I got it. Queen had the perfect song to go along with it.

  1. Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

One weekend, I was inspired enough to follow a friend’s advice and go to a huge party at someone’s house. Although I didn’t know everyone gathered there, the party was really fun – until the end of the evening.

I got really drunk and, once the party was over, I offered to drive – mainly because my friend was even drunker than I was. However, what happened next made me wish we took a taxi instead. The police stopped us, and we ended up being arrested.

What’s worse was the fact that our parents kept telling us about what other people will say. I never cared what other people had to say about me, and Joan Jett’s song was relatable.

  1. Hollywood Undead – Everywhere I Go

Did you think things got better soon after getting arrested? They actually got worse. I was always partying, getting drunk and hanging out with different girls. I felt like I was at the top of the world, and I had an arrogant attitude to go with it. “Everywhere I Go” was my theme song during that period.

  1. Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Falling in love with my wife was a beautiful journey. We met through a mutual friend, and we were instantly attracted to one another. Bryan Adams had a song that I was listening to on repeat back then because I was so in love. It ended up beautifully – we are now married and have a wonderful family.

  1. Boyzone – Father and Son

When you’re having your first child, it’s a special moment – and you can get very emotional. I was having a son, and once I found out the big news, I developed an obsession for Boyzone’s song. I knew it was going to be a big journey, and the song prepared me.

  1. Jon Barker – Thank You for Being My Dad

A while after my son was born, my father started to get sick. We took countless rides to the hospital – just to make sure nothing bad happened. However, his heart stopped one week after staying in the hospital, and I was devastated. We had our ups and downs, but I loved my dad. Jon Barker had the perfect song to help me cope with it.

To conclude, we all have songs that marked our lives. Listening to them will always bring back a lot of memories.

Student Writing Procrastination

There are many reasons why students procrastinate as well as there is no student who hasn’t procrastinated at least once in his life. What are the reasons behind it? Some students put things off because they lack the motivation to finalize the writing. There are others who simply have too many assignments to finalize that they find it difficult to finalize their essays on time. Is there any hope behind this bad habit? Everyone can get over procrastination as long as he understands why it happens and how to stay organized. Keep reading this article and find more about student writing procrastination.

Why do students procrastinate?

Before applying the solution to this problem, it is very important to understand why students procrastinate. Instead of thinking “what if I would pay someone to write my paper”, you should rather think “why do I have the tendency to put things off”. Below you can find some examples of reasons which might take you to this situation:

  • Fear of failure – one of the most common reasons which make students delay writing a specific essay is the fear of not being able to meet their professors’ expectations. It happens many times that professors set very high targets for their students that make them rather procrastinate writing instead of trying to write something.
  • We expect to be perfect – procrastination is very closely connected to perfectionism. There are many students who expect a lot from themselves, which makes them delay writing essays as much as possible. For them, it is better to not deliver the essay instead of submitting which is not close to their idea of perfectionism.
  • We don’t like what we wrote – there is a category of students who simply don’t like to re-read what they have written, being sure that they lack the necessary talent for writing. You are usually very skeptic about the first draft which turns into a real burden when you have to proofread it. Thus, the easiest method is procrastination.
  • It is easier to leave it to someone else – instead of spending time researching and writer an essay, many students prefer to procrastinate and pay someone else to do it for them. There are many professional writing services available online. Thus, students have a high-quality alternative at a one-click distance.

What to do about student writing procrastination?

There are many strategies that students can use to prevent procrastination. Take a look at the list below and apply them in your case:

  • Keep an inventory on your procrastination behavior – when you want to stop a bad habit, it is very important to understand when and why it appears. For example, whenever you feel tempted to procrastinate, you should write down what are the circumstances when this feeling appeared. You can keep an inventory of all this data and review it to find solutions.
  • Create a productive working environment – you should stay away from distractions. For example, even though you feel perfectly relaxed in your bedroom, you should start writing there. You will be easily tempted to take a nap or do other relaxing activities which will block your creativity and motivation.
  • Work on improving your writing when you are not under pressure – pressure can be a very strong factor which leads to procrastination. What is more, if you don’t have a good impression on your writing and talent, then you will be more exposed to procrastination. Thus, you should exercise as much as you can when you don’t have a deadline.

Leaving procrastination behind is a long-term process. While there can be solutions, you need to carefully evaluate the factors and think of solutions for them.

Farming and GMOs

There are several ways through which farmers are protecting the environment as they simply implement farming methods. Agfoundation (2015) explains that one such way is through crop rotation. This is the practice of planting different crops over the same parcel of land but on different seasons. This ensures that the nutrients in the soils are well preserved and retained and as a result protecting the environment. However, there is also need to emphasize that some farming practices can harm the environment. For instance, the constant use of chemicals in reference to fertilization can lead to water pollution. As these fertilizers are applied to ensure great crop yields, not all will be absorbed by the plants and when it rains, the water washes and carry them off to water bodies such as lakes and rivers thus contamination.

Genetically modified organisms have in some way changed the way we farm and feed. A lot has been said about GMOs to include its benefits and potential problems. According to Vaesa (2013), one benefit of GMOs is that the plants become pest and disease resistant thus high yields are often realized by farmers. On the downside, there is the potential problem of GMOs resulting to allergic reactions in human beings who consume the foods. This is as a result of combining genes from one plant to the other which leads to a reaction that can lead to allergies as the body is not accustomed to the newly formulated gene.

The debate as to whether GMOs should be fully adapted is a tricky one given the benefits and potential problems. However, on a personal note, I find pro-GMO to be more persuasive because of the food benefits we stand to gain. Ideally, the human population is growing at a faster rate than it can be sustained with the current food supply. GMOs offer the best solution in terms of improving our food supply on annual basis.

The Millennials


There are vast differences, which exist among the millennia. The early millennia of 1980-2000 had a mental set-up where the thinking was restricted to the native country and the family while the modern millennia focuses on the entire world as the way of doing things has significantly changed (Goldstein 1). Thus, modern generation has to focus on adapting itself to the different generations since it has changed its lifestyle, mode of education, and communication.

Thesis Statement

The Millennial generation, born between 1980-2000, has been labeled lazy, self-absorbed and entitled by the older generations of men and women who came up through hard work, long hours and little recognition.  The differences between these generations is what make the millennials in fact a better generation though through their misunderstood values of independent thinking, tech savviness and acceptance of all peoples to name a few.  Millennials are in fact the best generation to become our newest leaders and policy setters of our time and older generations should be more accepting.

Changes in communication are evident. The past millennia communication was based on face-to-face interaction, which ensured that individuals could connect with each other easily. When people were at a distance, the communication involved physical visitation or sending letters. The current millennia have changed the format of communication where physical interaction is not important among the concerned parties. People are using the recent developments in technology to interact and link with one another directly (Goldstein 1). Social media plays a significant role in ensuring that the communication that endures in society is not that of physical interaction, but of Internet basis. In communities, it is common to find that individuals are using mobile phones on regular basis as a way of communicating and interacting with each other.

The parenting styles of the millennia have changed. Parents and guardians no longer have time for their children. They are busy in the workplace and now they opt to employ house helps to assist them in bringing up the children. Further, the millennia do not have an independent way of thinking. The adopted system is that of group-think. As such, individuals in the current generation lack creativity and focus on doing what others are doing in society. They are also highly engraved in the social media as a way of determining their lifestyles, social, and economic progress.

Lifestyles have changed. Individuals in the modern millennia do not like to have complex lifestyles. They focus on doing white collar jobs instead of the manual work, which involves engaging in extensive farming activities. Hence, the young in the current generation can sit down and enjoy as they await their parents to provide and support them (Goldstein 1). In contrast, the past millennia were characterized of a community of people who are hardworking to ensure that they make ends meet. These individuals strive to work hard to shape their future and provide for their families.

The field of education has also changed significantly in the modern millennia. As such, individuals cannot be employed or work until they achieve a specific education level. There are also numerous schools and educational opportunities, which can be pursued by individuals. Unfortunately, this was not the case in the past millennia where the availability of schools was limited. Also, individuals did not have to go to school and have higher levels of education in order to get work.

The differences in the millennia are experienced because of the changes in economic, social, political, and technological developments. As such, there are numerous transformations in the social, political, technological, and economic arena, which influence how individuals in the millennia behave. Such includes having policies, which dictate the behavior of people, the education level that individuals should attain so that they can be accepted as members of the community. The millennia grew alongside the digital technology and Internet developments. Such dictates how these people will take and appreciate technology in their life. Furthermore, the developments significantly influence the work preferences and lifestyles of the people. The millennia are socially minded and have an inclination to the economic, social, and political issues.

The society is constantly advocating for gender equality in the millennia generation (Patten and Fry 1). As such, there are several number of women that posses the bachelor’s degree as compared to the men. Such is viewed as the reversal from what was considered as the silent generation. Education gains have depicted a steady growth over the last half-century because there is a significant growth of women and men with a degree in bachelors. Nevertheless, the gain of women has being very significant over the duration.

The young women in the current generation are likely to be in the working class as compared to what was experienced in the silent generation. The shift in the working state of women was experienced as of early 1980s during the time of Boomers. For the Boomers, who were not employed were subjected to domestic activities. Gen Xers or the Millennial depict a population where women and men have equal treatment in society. Thus, both women and men are competing for the same job positions in society.

Economic developments have come with their own challenges. These include the crisis experienced in different regions (Patten and Fry 1). As such, the millennial are entering the job market under tough times. Hence, the current labor force is not motivated to engage in maximum production and better performance in the workplace. The situation becomes worse since these individuals have realized the negative consequences of the economy, which lead to the attainment of poor results in economic development.

The social perceptions on the institution of marriage have changed. As such, the current millennia are likely to be unmarried as compared to what was experienced by the past generation during the young age. The situation occurs since the current population does not value marriage as compared to other aspects of life that include wealth creation. Further, the space for building the homesteads is limited since modern generation has limited land, which they can use to establish homes.

Social stratification has emerged and individuals are now engraved in the evils of society (Patten and Fry 1). Hence, people are now ethnic and racial, which was not an aspect seen in the past generation. The problem develops in society as individuals engage in tough competition for the limited resources. There are also cases of immigration where people move to other nations to look for green pastures. The movement of people is triggered by the lack of equality in resources distribution. Hence, individuals have to move to areas where they believe that they will have a chance to access resources for their use in the families and productivity in the community.


In conclusion, there is significant difference among the millennia because of the social, political, economic, and technological developments. These influence the way of life and socialization aspect of the people. Further, the developments lead to the emergence of a new generation, which is founded on technological and social development living styles.

What I Miss Most about My 80s Childhood

My name is Mike and I’m a 80s child. When I look back on my childhood, I can’t help but feel nostalgic yet overwhelmed with joy, at the same time. Being a kid in the 80s was definitely fun – at the very least. Today’s youth are unaware of the sheer joy associated with the smacking of a plastic accessory, or all the valuable life lessons we have learned in after-school specials. To be frank, it makes me feel sorry for today’s youth whose focus is directed, almost entirely, on the virtual world.

I could say that the 1980s American pop culture really shaped my childhood, and the person I was about to become in adulthood. With that in mind, I’d like to highlight the main things that come to mind when I think of the past. If you’re a 80s child, you’ll definitely be on the same page with me.

  1. Butterfly in The Sky

This was mostly appealing to reading enthusiasts – including myself. Why is that? That’s because, thanks to Reading Rainbow, reading was conveyed as being cool. If you aren’t acquainted with Reading Rainbow, this was a show that contributed to defining a generation of book nerds.

Every episode would focus on the theme presented in a book, exploring the many facets of a story. In addition to that, the show gave useful recommendations regarding books children should read. Considering how great this show was, it comes as no surprise that it was one of the longest children’s series, alongside Sesame Street. I definitely miss it when it was cool for children to read – don’t you?

  1. Listening to a Walkman

If I were to tell a child that I would listen to music at a Walkman, I would be laughed at. It seems to be a pretty ancient device, especially in comparison with today’s iPhones and iPads. In fact, the first time I ever got a Walkman, it was such a great experience – it was as if I first sensed the very taste of freedom.

Fixing the foam-covered headphones onto my ears in the back seat of the car whilst going on a trip – this was, without a doubt, the best feeling ever. That was about the music I liked, and about spending time the way I wanted.

  1. The Art of Mix Tapes

Moving on, another thing that makes me nostalgic about the 80s is the mix tape. I am pretty saddened by the fact that cassette tapes are no longer a thing; CDs will be out in the foreseeable future, as well. It is pretty self-explanatory, though, due to the development of technology. However, this doesn’t make me miss mix tapes any less.

One of the best things about music is the feelings it makes you experience. Thanks to these feelings, you are intermittently connected to that piece of music, in a unique manner. Take a moment to think of your favorite songs: each song takes you to a particular moment in time; it makes you relive those specific feelings. And the reason why I was so keen on mixed tapes is that I could create an artistic audio letter – whether I would choose to give that tape to someone or to keep it for myself, it mirrored a part of me.

  1. Anne of The Green Gables Mini-series

While it’s true that many generations of children (and not only) have enjoyed Lucy Maud’s Montgomery’s series, the sense of excitement we experienced when the series were first released was memorable. It was the it thing everyone would talk about at the cafeteria; not to mention that most girls had a crush on Gilbert Blythe.

  1. Renting Movies from The Local Shop

I also miss going to the local shop for renting the perfect movie for the weekend. I loved that the some of the video stores were huge, whereas others were miniscule. I remember that, there were times in which I simply stumbled across some of my favorite movies ever. It was a mere enjoyment to walk through the shelves and explore the sea of titles – some that have been lying there forever, while the new in ones intrigued me.

In a sense, we could say that going to the local shop for renting a movie was a social experience. I never knew who I was going to encounter there; pretending to look extra casual when someone you knew entered the store.

Of course, there were also the times when my best friend and I would negotiate which would be our next rented movie. Oh boy – those negotiations lasted forever. It’s just a nice memory to look back on, which definitely makes me feel nostalgic.   

These are only some of the many things I miss about my 80s childhood. One thing I know for sure: it was a good one. Therefore, I can’t help but feel nostalgic whenever I think about the past. There are definitely other things that make me feel nostalgic, the ones above are just some of the many. I would be curious to know yours, if you care to share them with me!


Olympic Hoties

The Olympics are in ten days! I’m so excited, you guys! These are the five hotties athletes I’ve got my eye on this summer.
Ryan Lochte The 27 year old swimmer from Daytona Beach, FL graduated from University of Florida in 2007 with a degree in Sports Management. During his senior year he won individual titles in all three of his events, setting U.S. Open and American records in the 200-yard individual medley and the 200-yard backstroke. He also broke Tom Dolan’s nearly decade-old NCAA record in the 400-yard individual medley. He was a part of the 2004 and 2008 Olympics teams. I remember noticing the dreamy guy next to Michael Phelps while watching religiously in 2008. I have a feeling that all eyes will be on him this year!

David Boudia The 23 year old diver from Noblesville, IN will graduate from Purdue University in 2013 with a major in Communications. He’s been diving since 2000, has been on the national team since 2005, and was a member of the 2008 Olympic team. He’s the first American to break 600 points in six dives. I watched the trials on TV when they were up here a few weeks ago. He’s super cute and totally impressive. I think diving is my favorite Olympic sport to watch.

Giuseppe Lanzone The 30 year old rower was born in La Punta, Peru, but calls Annandale, VA is hometown. He graduated from University of Washington (My school!!!) in 2005 with a degree in Communications. He’s been rowing since he was 12, but didn’t really get involved until his junior year of high school while living in Virginia. He won a ton of races and medals while rowing for UW and he’ll be joined by two of his college teammates at the Olympics: Scott Gault and Brett Newlin. Go Huskies!

Jake Dalton The 21 year old gymnast was born and raised in Reno, NV and studies Human Relations at University of Oklahoma. He won the NCAA men’s gymnastics floor and vault titles in 2011, the US National Vault champion in 2009 and 2011, the Floor Champion in 2011, and he was the All-Around Gold medalist of the Winter Cup Challenge in 2011. He’s a winner, ya’ll.

And now for my favorite…

Nathan Adrian The 23 year old swimmer is from Bremerton, WA. My hometown! I grew up with this guy! I’ve been friends with his older sister since middle school. And their brother was my sister’s first boyfriend. Awwww. All three of them were very involved in swimming and went on to compete at college level (Donella at Arizona State and University of Puget Sound, and Justin at University of Washington, where they were both team captains). Nathan graduated from UC Berkeley in 2006 with a degree in Public Health and was a part of the 2008 Olympic team. He currently holds the record in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle events. He has won a total of twelve medals: ten gold, one silver, and one bronze spanning the Olympics, the World, and the Pan Pacific Championships. Root for my boy!

By the way, it’s a little awkward posting pictures of his nearly naked body.
He’s hot, but he’s my friend’s little brother. It was even more awkward when I showed
her the gay celebrity gossip website that claims he is their new crush.
If these fellas didn’t give you a reason to tune in, I don’t know what will.

Fifty Shades {No Spoilers}

I finished the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy last week. I know you are all going to kill me for this, but I didn’t really like it. I wasn’t even going to read it because, well, it’s porn. I’m not a prude at all, but I’ve never read a romance novel, let alone erotica, and I never would have thought I’d be reading anything about BDSM! But after reading a few articles about it, hearing that the books will soon be movies, and seeing fellow bloggers dive into the series, I had to see what the fuss was about.

I thought the first book was good, but as the series went on, they got worse. Most people felt the opposite. While their lives and the chaos around them got more interesting, I think I enjoyed the beginning of Ana and Christian’s relationship more than the rest of it. Although the “kinky fuckery” slowed down in books two and three, their relationship got more and more fucked up.

Let me start with the basics: it’s poorly written. Like, really terribly written. And E.L. should have got herself an American editor or just let the story take place in England. Americans don’t talk like that. Also, if you’re constantly writing about sex, shouldn’t you have the balls to use the correct terms for genitals? Have you ever heard of a vagina being referred to as “my sex”? Ana might as well say, “then he touched my private parts”.

On to the characters. Ana and Christian were so freakin’ dramatic with their “I can’t live without you,” “I’ll never leave you,” and “I died a thousand deaths worrying about you” every fifteen pages. Calm down! Their banter was annoying. Their constant use of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” was annoying. Ana calling Christian “Fifty” in nearly every sentence was annoying. And their lovey dovey post-coital discussions gagged me. (I have an ex who talked to me like that. He was such a sensitive girl and it was not sexy at all. The compliments turned into lines he thought he was supposed to say and they lost all meaning. I know some girls eat that stuff up, but I guess I’m not really into “hearts and flowers”.)

There’s no way Ana was so good in bed when she was a virgin who can’t drive. (Oops, wrong story. Name that movie!) She was so beautiful and alluring, all of these guys were falling at her feet and she was never interested in anyone before Christian, yet she was a sexpert at first fuck. Um, no. The first time with anyone is awkward, no matter how experienced you are. (At least I think. I’ve been married for 5 1/2 years. Am I wrong?) The inner goddess thing got old fast. The sex scenes also started to bore me. I ended up skipping over most of them in the last two books. It was so hard to read, not because I was uncomfortable (some of it was h-o-t!), but because it was so badly written. The way they talked to each other made me want to smack them. And there was just too much of it. They almost always went for round two immediately after. That can’t happen in real life unless he’s 18! I think Mrs. Monologues said it best: “Unless this girl was a porn star in another life no woo haa could handle doing the dirty dirty that many times in a day. I get a bladder infection just thinking about it.”

While I loved (and wanted!) Christian in the beginning, he was so controlling, irrational, and obsessive that it made me stop liking him. As hot, rich and sexually experienced as he was, his behavior was such a turn off. Telling Ana when to eat, what to wear, and where to go infuriated me and I was even more mad at her for taking it. She had zero self-respect or self-confidence. She was a brainless idiot. And if you bite your lip that often, it’s going to be bloody all the time. It was hard to feel engaged because I just wanted to scream at them. Fight and make up, fight and make up, fight and make up is not a fun, quirky, passionate relationship. It’s total dysfunction. She was afraid of him throughout the series. That is not sexy!

Whoa. I just picked that apart, didn’t I? Now you know why I don’t read romance novels. I can’t get lost in a story when the characters are so annoying and fake. Nicholas Sparks does nothing for me. Except for when he casts super-hot guys in his movies.

Speaking of movies, I don’t know how these won’t be X-rated. Does that still exist? Ok, NC-17. The second and third books will be easier to make because there was much more of a storyline, but the first book is all sex, all day. I will definitely see them though. I gotta see the train wreck! But won’t it be awkward going to see a porno with a bunch of friends?

As far as casting goes, I’d be happy with the some of names that have been thrown out for Christian: Alexander Skarsgard, Ian Somerhalder, and Chris Pine. But I pictured Chace Crawford while I was reading just because I’m in love with him at the moment.

And please, please, pleeeeease don’t let Kristen Stewart be Ana! I know she IS Ana, but that girl drives me crazy! I’ve heard the rumblings of Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, and Emmy Rossum. Eh. I was honestly picturing Rory Gilmore the whole time. Not really even Alexis Bledel, but Rory. Haha! She’s an awkward, mousy, klutzy, timid, embarrassed, naive, good girl. If you’ve seen her on Mad Men lately, you can see that she could definitely work in the movies.
So tell me, what did you think? Am I really the only one that didn’t love these books?
And tell me who you want for the movies!
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